Eight incredible animal-shaped buildings

Architects are creative people, so they love to experiment with new forms. The emergence of new materials and construction techniques means that, over the past few decades, they have been able to be even more (more…)

The world’s craziest upside-down houses

For decades, architects have been coming up with fun and zany designs. Across the world, there are numerous examples of novelty or mimetic architecture. Some of the earliest examples have (more…)

The architectural marvels of China

When it comes to architecture, China has a long history of innovative designs. In many ways, the Eastern nation has led the way architecturally speaking, during both ancient and modern times. It is a fascinating country that (more…)

The architectural marvels of Spain

When it comes to architecture, Spain is a very special place. For hundreds of years, the residents of the country have been open to change. This has created an environment where architects have been able to (more…)

Top 10 strangest buildings in the UK

The UK has a long history of producing unique and interesting buildings. When it comes to architecture, the British have always been innovative.

This is part of (more…)

11 amazing underground structures

Over the past few years, interest in living and working underground has grown. This is partly because building and tunnelling techniques have both evolved, but new building materials are also making it easier (more…)

Five unusual building materials

Over the past decade or so, the construction industry has undergone radical change and this has come in many forms, but the one we are going to be considering here is what buildings are (more…)

Six amazing biodomes of the world

Buildings come in many different formats. Most of them are lived or worked in, but, some are designed to support life.

Biodomes fall into that (more…)

A spotlight on instant building designs

Wherever you look in the world, there is a need for buildings to go up fast. Super quick construction methods have the potential to be used to solve housing crises and provide much-needed shelter and facilities in (more…)

The world’s most extreme buildings

Over the centuries, mankind has built some remarkable buildings. The world is full of them. As you will see, some are hundreds of years old, while others have only been created in (more…)

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