A look at recent building projects at Chester Zoo

Recently voted by TripAdvisor.com as the best zoo in the UK and the sixth best in the world, part of what keeps people coming back to Chester Zoo is the way that it never rests on its laurels. It is always looking for new ways to provide animals with a natural environment, while getting visitors as close as is safely possible to the creatures.

This is helped by some spectacular architecture, not least its impressive monorail system, which was ridden by The Queen in 2012 as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Here are some other recent and ongoing projects at the state-of-the-art zoo:

High-flying attractions

Returning visitors to Chester Zoo will almost always find that something has changed since their last visit. The current decade has seen the addition of the Forest Zone and Butterfly Journey, which allows people to wander through the natural home of some enormous and beautiful butterflies as they flutter past them. The heated and perfectly set-out house is an example of how much thought goes into planning and layouts at the zoo, in the interests of both humans and animals.

Islands of inspiration

Perhaps the zoo’s most ambitious development to date is ‘Islands’ – an enormous journey across the habitats of a range of land and water animals. Announced back in April 2011, work on the project began just over a year ago and it is still expected to be another year before Islands is ready to open.

Setting the zoo back an estimated £30m, it is nonetheless estimated to bring an extra 150,000 visitors through the gates every year, thus cementing its position as the country’s top zoo.

Further vision

Islands is just one part of the zoo’s ‘Natural Vision’ plan, which will see the attraction grow in area by a third without affecting the existing environments within it.

Few other details have emerged as yet, but the zoo has promised a range of developments between now and 2014.

Posted by Adam Lloyd
September 12, 2014

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