A staircase with a living balustrade breathes life into a Soho office

Designer Paul Cocksedge has recently unveiled the plans for an unusual ‘living’ staircase intended to link the floors of a Soho office space.

The spiral wooden structure is unusual in that the central supporting column has been removed, allowing the spiral’s curves to be loosened, leaving space for three rounded balconies in the middle of the staircase.

Perhaps even more striking is the balustrade that runs the entire length of the spiral. It has been designed as a long, curving container filled with herbs and other greenery, enabling those who use the stairs to experience the scents and sight of fresh plants as they move from level to level.

It is hoped that the office workers using the building will be inspired to pick herbs to add to their lunches or drinks and they will be expected to tend to the growing plants themselves, adding water when necessary. If all goes according to plan, the opportunity to interact with the organic staircase should act to lower stress and improve the experience of being in the office environment.

The staircase’s balcony areas are intended to allow workers to sit and rest, read or even draw while surrounded by greenery. They are also large enough to be used as meeting spaces for those who want to socialise away from the main office area. Incorporating living plants into building designs is an option that has been increasing in popularity lately, and an experienced architect in Wirral will be able to provide suitable plans for those who find the idea attractive.

Posted by Mark
January 9, 2014

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