Amazon’s bio-domes bring a touch of science fiction to Seattle

A plan to create a futuristic trio of spherical bio-domes, designed by architecture firm NBBJ, has been given the go-ahead in downtown Seattle.

The shape of the structure resembles a cluster of rounded bubbles, with the largest in the centre and two smaller bubbles clinging to each side of it.

The impressive five-storey glass domes, which are around 95 feet tall at their highest point, will form an unusual work environment inside headquarters currently being constructed for the online retail giant Amazon.

The Seattle Design Board had previously called for the initial plans to be redrawn, after residents had complained that there was not enough public access space or environmental consideration.

The new design includes both public and private spaces, which means the citizens of Seattle can experience the trio of bio-domes for themselves. The revamped plans show retail space, offices and areas for meeting, dining and relaxing. Outside of the three glass spheres, an open field will be created to echo the lush green interior of the development. A dog park and a walkway will also be added to this exterior space for locals to enjoy.

For firms or individuals planning modern building developments in North Wales, some minor elements from these incredible bio-dome designs could be used for inspiration. At the simplest level, glass areas suitable for growing plants indoors could be integrated into buildings and a qualified architect in North Wales should be able to come up with workable proposals.

Posted by Matt Hughes
October 30, 2013
New Buildings

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