Energy assessor calls for better sustainability training for architects

Darren Evans, the Managing Director of Darren Evans Energy Assessors, is calling for architects to receive more training about sustainability.

Currently, around half of Britain’s carbon dioxide emissions relate to the activities of the construction industry. Yet architects and other construction professionals are not receiving an adequate education about sustainable building materials and techniques to help reduce this figure.

In many other countries, including Germany, sustainability is an increasingly important consideration. There is the Passivhaus (Passive House) scheme, which is quickly gathering momentum. This initiative, which as the name indicates, challenges architects to design ultra-low energy buildings. This has seen more than 25,000 homes built to that standard, with most of them located in Germany and Austria.

In the UK, things are moving more slowly, which has prompted Evans to say in an article he wrote for

“It’s essential that education establishments, particularly schools of architecture, really nail down the specific aspects that make buildings work more efficiently, from a fabric first perspective.”

However, architects on the Wirral are working to improve the sustainability of their projects. The council in that area is supportive of eco-friendly schemes. Since 2007, the council has adopted green policies and taken steps to reduce the amount of energy and water used in council buildings.

The huge Wirral Waters development scheme aims to be one of the most sustainable projects in the UK. In addition, the area is home to leaders in the sustainable energy industry, which is helping architects in the area develop environmentally friendly buildings.

Posted by Adam Lloyd
October 12, 2015

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