Architect proposes design competition for new home of parliament

Architect Norman Foster has made a proposal that if parliament’s uppermost chamber is rehomed in York from London, an architectural design competition should be held to create plans.

In a recent letter to The Times newspaper, Foster wrote:

“If the House of Lords is to be relocated North, we must use the power of architecture to express our political and economic ambitions.”

He then added that in order to design the building:

“…an architectural competition, backed by a clear brief, would be the place to start”.

The letter was written in direct response to UK government plans involving moving the House of Lords out of London to a Northern city on a permanent basis. Recent reports state that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has requested government officials investigate relocating the upper chamber outside of the capital and research the practicalities involved. The city of York has been identified as a strong contender for the new location, with a site near the railway station earmarked as a possibility.

Architects in Chester, Macclesfield, Wirral and other parts of the North should keep an eye on the headlines for official confirmation if the design competition is approved.

The present plan for parliament’s upper chamber is to base it temporarily in Conference Centre of the Queen Elizabeth II situated near the Palace of Westminster, although a plan to relocate the chamber permanently is being reviewed.

The current plan is for the House of Lords to be temporarily based within the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, which is located close to the Palace of Westminster.

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January 27, 2020
New Buildings

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