Architect’s model enjoys pride of place in retirement centre

A scale-model based on designs by architect Malcolm Bayliss is now on display at Maple Court, a site that offers supported housing for the elderly in Bingley, West Yorkshire.

When preparing for a house move, Bayliss discovered a large-sized model for a proposed development scheme he’d worked on during the 1970s, that later became Maple Court. He contacted Janet Warren, an officer for retirement housing in the local area, with news of his find. Just days later, the model, made mostly from wood, was on display in the West Yorkshire scheme’s public lounge.

The model, entitled “Ash Terrace Aged Persons Flatlets”, represents a scheme consisting of 58 flats that was designed as part of an extensive programme for council housing initiated in the mid-1970s.

One of the key aims of the programme was to relieve residents of local traffic noise. To tackle this concern, the architects positioned the main entrance on Ash Terrace – one of the side roads off the busy Bradford Road that runs through town.

Locally based architects in Chester, Bingley and other Northern cities and towns can make bespoke designs on behalf of their clients, informed by their local knowledge.

Delighted at the display of the model representing his early design, Bayliss commented:

“Five decades later it’s lovely to see how true to the final design the model is and see Maple Court continues to offer popular retirement accommodation.”

The retirement housing development was fully completed by 1981 and dubbed Maple Court to suit the local roads situated near its location named after other genera of trees.

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February 10, 2020

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