Architects reap the benefits of ‘living over the shop’

A former butcher’s shop in Vancouver has been converted into a combined office space and home by a local architecture practice.

Scott&Scott Architects is a husband and wife team, who use the ground floor of the building as their architecture studio, while the space above is their home. The renovation process involved retaining the shop’s original feel by using local and natural materials, while increasing the building’s energy efficiency and allowing more natural light inside.

As well as saving energy through the building’s design, the fact that the architects no longer have to commute to work reduces their energy use, as does the fact that they have no need to heat a separate office building that would then be left empty for part of each day.

While being better for the environment, there are other advantages to people living above their places of business, including making the centres of towns and cities safer at night and increasing their economic activity.

In the UK, there has been concern this year about Chester’s Northgate scheme, which was set to increase retail space in the city’s historic centre. The Campaign to Protect Rural England maintained that there should also be a substantial increase in the number of residential properties in Chester’s centre, adding that Living Over The Shop (LOTS) should be promoted along with the construction of new residential buildings.

For those in the city who can see the advantages of residing above their workspace, consulting architects in Chester would be the first step in creating a suitable live-work property.

Posted by Adam Lloyd
May 29, 2014

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