Architectural Apps

If you are interested in architecture, then you should find these iPhone and iPad apps useful.

Find interesting buildings

These two apps help you locate interesting buildings.

Buildings is an encyclopaedia of buildings. Using your location, it lists nearby stimulating buildings and gives you directions on how to get there.

Architecture works in a similar way to the Buildings app by guiding you to notable buildings. All buildings details are stored on your phone so that you can use the app without being connected to the internet, which can be useful when travelling abroad.


There are several architecture magazines available in digital form via the Newsstand App. These include Architectural Design, a bimonthly magazine that looks at the cutting edge of the architectural community.

Other notable architectural magazines are Architectural Record, and Architecture + Design Magazine.

Architectural design

There are numerous apps that can aid the design of buildings.

Archisketch helps you design buildings and interiors. It is a sketch program for architectural design that mimics the traditional architect’s tracing pad. You can draw plans to scale, add layers, rotate, and zoom in and out. It includes a full set of architecture symbols.

iVisit 3D is used to create 3D presentations and virtual visits. It is designed to be used in conjunction with computer aided design software to create interactive scenes that aid the visualization of architectural projects.

Plan 2D is a floor plan creator. Whether you are an architect or a home owner renovating your house, this app makes it easy to create floor plans complete with furniture, doors, windows, and other features. Plans can then be sent to your photo album, shared on social media, or printed.

These are just a few of the many apps aimed at people interested in architecture.

Posted by Adam Lloyd
August 20, 2015

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