Offering our thanks to the NHS

At this uncertain time for all individuals, families and our entire society, the bravery and selflessness being shown by our NHS doctors, nurses, and all support staff is nothing short of heroic.

The personal and collective sacrifice being made by these individuals to protect our (more…)

Four steps to plan and design a house extension

Extending your property is a good way to get extra space, add value to your home and improve your lifestyle. For someone that has never been involved in the construction industry, building an extension is a big undertaking.

There are numerous steps involved, as well as lots to think about and do. However, as with so many things in life, with the right advice and support building an extension is far easier than you think.

All you have to do is to break the process down into smaller, more manageable steps, which is what we have done for you below. Following our advice will ensure that the extension you build will be 100% legal, well built, fit for purpose and affordable.


Why use an architect?

Our first tip is to hire an architect to help you with the design and planning process. A good architect has (more…)

What is the Value of Architecture to the UK Economy?

The UK economy is a diverse one. All kinds of industries contribute to the economic well-being of the nation, including the architecture sector.

Here we explain just how big a contribution those who work in this industry make to the health of the UK economy. We guarantee that you will be surprised by just how much income this relatively small group of people generates for the nation.

Where the figures come from

The majority of the statistics we are using in this article are from the Creative Industries Economic Estimates report from January 2015. This report, produced by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, is used to help decision makers to make funding and development decisions.

Some surprising facts

The contribution the creative industries make to the economy is rarely discussed in the press. This means that the report makes for interesting reading and uncovers some surprising facts about the creative industries as a whole, as well as about architecture.

The number of people employed in the creative industries

The first surprise is the number of people who are (more…)

Former law courts to be converted into affordable housing

A set of plans has been proposed by a North West housing association to turn an old court house in Wallasey into flats.

The housing association, Regenda wants to turn the law courts, which were built (more…)

Award winning designers rethink the house

The Design a Beautiful House Competition aims to encourage new ideas and concepts in house design. It encourages designers, artists and students to rethink the concept of the house, how it is designed and how it functions.

The six-person competition jury was looking for (more…)

Greg Clark says the UK needs better homes

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Greg Clark, has pointed out that building more houses is not enough. He is calling for them to be (more…)

New Manchester hospital plans submitted

Nuffield Heath has submitted plans for a new ‘not for profit’ hospital on a site next to the Manchester Royal Infirmary.

Development of the new hospital will cost (more…)

UK architects remain optimistic about the future

The latest Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Future Trends Survey shows that most architects in the UK are confident that they will (more…)

World monuments at risk warns report

The World Monument Fund has expressed concern about buildings that are at risk.

The World Monument Fund is a New York based charity dedicated to (more…)

The growth of micro houses

Architects are designing micro houses in response to rising demand for (more…)

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