Top 10 UK cities for the architecture lover

Every country is famed for its own styles of architecture, but in the United Kingdom you can see many stand side by side within its cities. The historical structures from (more…)

Six of the best examples of German architecture

Since 1990, October 3 has been cause for celebrations all over Germany as its national day is honoured. Called German Unity Day, this public holiday marks the (more…)

Five of Ireland’s most amazing buildings

From castles to cathedrals, there are many ancient edifices across the verdant isle of Ireland. Structures raised from the ground with locally sourced (more…)

How architecture can integrate with the natural world

Creating constructions that are one with the landscape is not a new concept. From the secluded mountain temples of the Buddhists carved into cliff-sides and (more…)

How science fiction can inspire real world architecture

Designing dreams has always been the province of the world’s finest architects. From Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona to the Ancient Egyptian pyramids (more…)

Seven UK architecture events still to look forward to in 2019

From the Royal Academy Architecture Prize, to the London Festival of Architecture, the UK has played host to some exceptional events so far this year for those intrigued by the architecture world. If you missed out (more…)

Continental Wonders: Five architectural highlights of Australasia

From its flat desert reaches to its populated metropolises, Australasia is a continent of varying landscapes. This wondrous diversity can also be found in its architecture, from stunning stadiums in remote locales, to (more…)

Continental Wonders: Five architectural highlights of Asia

From secluded mountain monasteries to soaring steel towers, Asian architecture depicts not only where we come from but the dizzy heights we aspire to reach. The (more…)

Continental Wonders: Five architectural highlights of Africa

The vast continent of Africa hosts diverse lands, from desert plains and verdant jungles to bustling metropolises. The architecture found in Africa’s many nations is equally varied – from the oldest of ancient wonders to soaring modern skyscrapers, the constructions of this continent are rich in wonders to behold. If your path takes you to this fascinating destination, here are some architectural jewels waiting for you to discover. (more…)

Continental Wonders: Five architectural highlights of South America

From ancient cities high in the mountains to post-modernist cathedrals, there are many testaments to the architectural genius of our race throughout the great continent of South America. From Columbia down to Argentina you can (more…)

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