Award winning designers rethink the house

The Design a Beautiful House Competition aims to encourage new ideas and concepts in house design. It encourages designers, artists and students to rethink the concept of the house, how it is designed and how it functions.

The six-person competition jury was looking for aesthetically pleasing houses which featured innovative design concepts and materials. Designs should also have the ability to adapt to the needs of the users.

The 662 entries demonstrated a wide range of concepts. The jury chose three principal award winners. These prize winning projects offered a glimpse into the future of house design.

‘A Place to Be’ by Mateusz Ploszaj-Mazurek and Nalaia Okoulus

This design was based on the concept that “a home is not just a sum of architectural spaces… home is a reflection of people living in it.”

The competition jurors were impressed with both the beauty of this concept and how it was integrated into the Lakeland landscape.

‘What is a Beautiful House?” by Sebastien Nuttens, Francois Derreal and Delphine Alibert

The design from the second award winners focused on people living together with attention on the placing of family, public and private areas.

The jurors were fascinated by the relationship between the different spaces as well as the areas themselves. They thought that if built, these houses would be a beautiful dwelling space.

‘Modern Mansion’ by Macie J Grelewicz

The theme of the third Principal Award recipient was ‘simplicity and reduction’. This was interpreted as a house that was visually appealing, good to live in, but which left out the unnecessary.

The Jurors said this entry was “a classic and well-judged representation of architectural beauty. It was a simple solution that serves the needs of the family.”

The winning designs demonstrated that house design can be innovative, beautiful and embody ideas and aspirations.

Posted by Adam Lloyd
December 15, 2015

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