Car parks drive architecture to new heights

A competition to find the coolest car parks in the world has awarded third place to an unusual multi-storey building in Sheffield which is affectionately known as ‘the Cheesegrater’.

The Cheesegrater acquired its name due to a covering of steel panels which are positioned at varying angles. These create a jagged, multi-faceted appearance that resembles the surface commonly seen on the popular kitchen utensil.

The Cheesegrater or, to give it its proper name, the Q-Park, first opened to the public in 2008 on the city’s Charles Street. The building has 10 levels altogether and contains 520 parking spaces. It was created for Sheffield’s ‘Heart of the City’ development project, a scheme that included a number of city landmarks such as the Peace Gardens and the Millennium Gallery.

The Q-Park’s special exterior gives it the appearance of a stylish and futuristic apartment block rather than a car park, and the building has already been honoured with a RIBA award.

The winner of the cool car park contest was a development on Lincoln Road in Miami. The building offers drivers vertiginous views over the city due to the absence of external walls. The imaginative design resembles a flimsy house of cards or an unfinished building.

For those who are planning a car park or public building, some of the ideas from the cool car parks awards might offer inspiration. Professional architects on the Wirral will have the expertise needed to put those ideas into practice.

Posted by Matt Hughes
September 3, 2013
New Buildings

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