Carbon-zero homes planned for Chesterfield

The Homebuilder Strata has announced its plans recently to erect prefabricated carbon-zero homes in Derbyshire’s Chesterfield. The 15 new homes planned for the Loundsley Green area are crafted from timber and made in Finland, before being flat packed onto articulated lorries for easy delivery to UK building sites.

The housebuilding company commented that it only takes four days for a standard four-bedroom home to be raised, insulated and fitted with plaster board, windows, and doors. The finishing touches required are then added, with the whole process from delivery onsite to completion taking just eight weeks.

If the project receives permission from council planners, the brand-new eco-homes will be built near 40 acres of local woodland, called the Ashgate Plantation. Using power from the solar panels and a dedicated storage battery, the homes provide an 80 percent energy saving. Cutting-edge technology within the properties manages consumption and enables residents to sell back any surplus electricity to their supplier at a profit.

UK architects in Tarporley, Chesterfield and other places are now being asked to incorporate sustainable features into designs to reduce the carbon footprint of properties being built. From enhanced insulation to renewable energy solutions like heat pumps and solar panels, professional architects can advise and assist developers on available options that can be used to create zero carbon homes across the country.

This is not the homebuilding firm’s first project involving zero-carbon homes in Chesterfield. They have already completed 32 of the prefabricated “Talo” houses on a site near Dunston Road, and most of the homes are now occupied.

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January 3, 2022

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