Can architects save the world?

While architects may not be able to save the world, they are making a difference and helping to (more…)

How architects design energy-efficient buildings

In response to the threat of global warming, the government is committed to reducing the UK’s carbon footprint. Architects are helping by designing low-carbon buildings. Their professional association, The Royal Institute of British Architects, encourages energy-efficient (more…)

A guide to building a house extension

If you need more living space in your home, consider building an extension. This type of building project can be expensive, so you need to get it right. However, an architect can work with you to create a design that looks good, functions well and is (more…)

What does an architect do?

Whether you need a home extension or your company wants new headquarters, you should hire an architect for the project. However, not everyone is aware of all the many services an architect offers.

Perhaps the most valuable contribution from an architect is their creative and design expertise. They can lift a design from purely functional to something special. Creativity and design are not the only aspects an architect brings to a building project. The design process varies depending on the type of project, but a (more…)

Is originality important in architecture?

Originality can be defined as doing something that has never been done before or thought of previously. In architecture, this is very rare. Most architecture that is regarded as original is a combination of existing ideas and methods (more…)

Should architects focus on form or function?

A well-known architectural principle is that form follows function. This means that the shape and look of a building is dictated by its purpose. Historically, architects have differed in how they focus on aesthetics and function. Some favour form over function, while others prefer function over form. In the following sections, we’ll take a (more…)

Does a home office extension require an architect?

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in most people working from home, often in temporary space in a spare room, bedroom or living room. After the pandemic is over, many people are expected to continue to work from home for at least part of the week, but many want more permanent home (more…)

How to split your house into zones

Splitting a home into zones makes the most of the space and accommodates the various activities that take place in your home, especially for large households. In the following sections, we’ll give you some ideas for how to (more…)

How to add a home office to your property

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people have turned to homeworking. When lockdown restrictions are lifted, not everyone will return to the office full time – many will spend at least part of their working week at home. If you work from home either full time or for part of the (more…)

Chester’s architecture through the ages

A city steeped in rich heritage, Chester has much to offer those excited by historical architecture. Side by side along the streets and avenues are unforgettable buildings that define the era they arrived in. Here, we delve into some these structures and explore some (more…)

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