How to split your house into zones

Splitting a home into zones makes the most of the space and accommodates the various activities that take place in your home, especially for large households. In the following sections, we’ll give you some ideas for how to (more…)

How to add a home office to your property

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people have turned to homeworking. When lockdown restrictions are lifted, not everyone will return to the office full time – many will spend at least part of their working week at home. If you work from home either full time or for part of the (more…)

Chester’s architecture through the ages

A city steeped in rich heritage, Chester has much to offer those excited by historical architecture. Side by side along the streets and avenues are unforgettable buildings that define the era they arrived in. Here, we delve into some these structures and explore some (more…)

Liverpool city centre’s oldest architecture

Celebrated for its impressive range of Grade listed buildings, the city of Liverpool is home to thousands of historic structures. In the following passages, we’ll explore some of Liverpool city centre’s oldest known buildings. From properties that have stood for hundreds of years to the first subscription library built in England, you’ll discover a wealth of knowledge about the (more…)

How can architects help plan a garden office?

2020 has seen many people tackling their professions from home amidst the coronavirus crisis, and many more have started enterprises of their own using a home office as a base of operations. While working in your own environment has many enjoyable aspects, from no (more…)

The three tallest buildings in Liverpool

Home to many masterful works of construction, the skyline of Liverpool offers architecture enthusiasts an impressive vista. From imposing cathedrals to towering skyscrapers, the erected structures of the city feature (more…)

Can I build a pub in my garden without planning permission?

If you’re looking to create an outdoor space that you can enjoy with family and friends, you might have considered constructing a pub or bar area in (more…)

Do I need an architect for an extension?

Whether you require an architect for the property extension you’re planning will depend on several factors, and although it isn’t a legal requirement to use one, they can provide incredibly valuable (more…)

North Wales architectural history

From Roman ruins in Prestatyn to castles in Conwy, the architectural history of North Wales stretches far back in time. It is easy to be swept back through history when visiting the area, made possible by the many working museums and hundreds of ancient (more…)

Chester Quiz-Worthy Facts

Whether you are creating a quiz yourself or taking part in a quiz with team-mates, you might come across questions related to Chester. On the border of Wales, this Cheshire city dates back to Roman times and offers a wealth of (more…)

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