Can I build a pub in my garden without planning permission?

If you’re looking to create an outdoor space that you can enjoy with family and friends, you might have considered constructing a pub or bar area in (more…)

Do I need an architect for an extension?

Whether you require an architect for the property extension you’re planning will depend on several factors, and although it isn’t a legal requirement to use one, they can provide incredibly valuable (more…)

North Wales architectural history

From Roman ruins in Prestatyn to castles in Conwy, the architectural history of North Wales stretches far back in time. It is easy to be swept back through history when visiting the area, made possible by the many working museums and hundreds of ancient (more…)

Chester Quiz-Worthy Facts

Whether you are creating a quiz yourself or taking part in a quiz with team-mates, you might come across questions related to Chester. On the border of Wales, this Cheshire city dates back to Roman times and offers a wealth of (more…)

A guide to Tarporley architecture

The large village of Tarporley boasts many buildings on the National Heritage list for England. From former market halls and hotels within the village, to picturesque mansions in the rural outskirts, there (more…)

Top architectural buildings of Macclesfield

Around 16 miles south from Manchester on the River Bollin lies the market town of Macclesfield. From its industrial successes that earned it the nickname “Silk Town”, to its campaigns to save historic buildings, this (more…)

What building work can be safely carried out during the COVID-19 lockdown?

You might be working on a home extension, renovating a second property or planning on upgrading your architrave, but whatever project you were planning, the recent coronavirus outbreak is (more…)

How has the Countess of Chester Hospital adapted to COVID-19?

The Countess of Chester Hospital has introduced an array of changes to cope with caring for patients and continuing to operate safely and effectively during the coronavirus pandemic.

The city’s main (more…)

Do you need an architect to apply for planning permission?

Whether you’re constructing a house, an outbuilding, a home extension or even a conservatory, for you scheme to be successful and compliant with legal requirements, you’ll need to get the appropriate planning permission for your project.


Is your architect RIBA/ARB registered?

If you’ve employed an architect for a planning project you’re undertaking, you might notice a string of letters after their name, including RIBA, ARB or (more…)

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