Continental Wonders: Five architectural highlights of North America

The varied and vast landscape of North America is punctuated with an equally versatile range of architectural achievements. Designed to astound, from gravity-defying spans to iconic structures, these manmade masterpieces (more…)

Continental Wonders: Five architectural highlights of Europe

From medieval to modern, there is a veritable feast of styles for the architectural eye when taking a tour of Europe. The continent continues to capture (more…)

The architecture of zero carbon living

The 2018 UN Paris Agreement insisted that we must attain net greenhouse gas emissions of zero by the middle of the 21st Century. This is a huge goal to achieve, but if we want to avoid catastrophic climate change to our world, we (more…)

The glass houses trend

Across the United Kingdom, there is a growing trend in the demand for glass features in our homes and houses. From new technological advances that supply more effective and efficient materials, to the increased awareness in (more…)

How architects are helping people continue to live at home as they age

In virtually every country, the average age of the population is increasing. Better healthcare means people are living longer. This, combined with the fact that the number of children each person has is also falling, has created what many statisticians refer to as the “demographic timebomb”. More people are at the point in their adult lives where they need a little support than there are younger people willing and able to provide the necessary assistance.

For the (more…)

An introduction to the bio-architecture movement

A lot of people have never heard of the bio-architecture movement, yet in reality, the chances are they do actually know what it is. It is just that they have heard it called something else.

What is bio-architecture?

According to (more…)

The interesting world of prefab architecture

The lack of housing in many parts of the world is leading to a growing interest in the world of prefab architecture. Add in the emergence of new building materials and assembly techniques and you have all that you need for a factory-built home revolution. With this in mind, we thought it would be interesting to (more…)

The surprising architecture of Buckingham Palace

Every year, millions of people from across the globe visit Buckingham Palace. A further 50,000 guests are entertained in its grounds and staterooms, where various events are held.

Furthermore, during the (more…)

Eight incredible animal-shaped buildings

Architects are creative people, so they love to experiment with new forms. The emergence of new materials and construction techniques means that, over the past few decades, they have been able to be even more (more…)

The world’s craziest upside-down houses

For decades, architects have been coming up with fun and zany designs. Across the world, there are numerous examples of novelty or mimetic architecture. Some of the earliest examples have (more…)

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