Green light awarded to new Macclesfield homes

A project to build new homes in the centre of Macclesfield has been met by approval from (more…)

New Macclesfield homes planned above Indian restaurant

Plans have been unveiled involving adding two floors on top of an Indian restaurant in the town centre of Macclesfield to provide 14 new residences.

A planning application submitted by (more…)

New report requests 100,000 homes for heroes

A recent report from the Local Government Association (LGA) advises that 100,000 new homes should be constructed every year to house people who have assisted in fighting COVID-19 and those who have lost family members to (more…)

Council approves extensive newbuild schemes

Plans to construct hundreds of homes have now received a green light from East Yorkshire Council.

With planning approval (more…)

Second tallest skyscraper for Birmingham gains approval

Plans to construct a skyscraper that will be the second tallest on the Birmingham skyline have received the green light.

The site for the (more…)

New building gets green light at Manchester university

A new cutting-edge building for science and engineering studies at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) can go ahead after the project was approved.


Macclesfield housing unit gets green light

A building providing homes for vulnerable people in Macclesfield has been given the go ahead.

The housing unit, operated by the East Cheshire Housing consortium, will provide homes for 13 individuals mainly living with mental health issues, within a three-floor block. The site for the unit is located on Windmill Street in Macclesfield that was previously the location of a yard handling scrap metal.

Cheshire East Council has now granted full planning permission for the structure on the condition that a 1.8 metre-tall steel fence is erected as an anti-trespass measure. The stipulation is designed to protect those using the supported accommodation from any risks associated with nearby railway lines.

When completed, the sheltered housing will include a single five-bedroom home and eight single bed flats. Only four parking bays are planned for the premises. As most of the tenants will not drive, the spaces will be used by visitors and staff offering support. Residents in the five-room house will have round-the-clock monitoring, while a floating service will be delivered to those using the one-person apartments.

Chief executive officer for ECHC, Brenda Wright, said:

“We are particularly excited by our Windmill Street development. We believe it provides an ideal combination of benefits for our supported living tenants, who will be provided with excellent high-quality accommodation, improving their wellbeing.

Architects in Macclesfield designing plans should always be respectful of neighbouring properties. They should also encourage regeneration in the area, ensuring plans have aesthetic appeal to enhance the local area.

Architect proposes design competition for new home of parliament

Architect Norman Foster has made a proposal that if parliament’s uppermost chamber is rehomed in York from London, an architectural design competition should be held to create plans.

In a recent letter to The Times newspaper, Foster wrote:

“If the House of Lords is to be relocated North, we must use the power of architecture to express our political and economic ambitions.”

He then added that in order to design the building:

“…an architectural competition, backed by a clear brief, would be the place to start”.

The letter was written in direct response to UK government plans involving moving the House of Lords out of London to a Northern city on a permanent basis. Recent reports state that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has requested government officials investigate relocating the upper chamber outside of the capital and research the practicalities involved. The city of York has been identified as a strong contender for the new location, with a site near the railway station earmarked as a possibility.

Architects in Chester, Macclesfield, Wirral and other parts of the North should keep an eye on the headlines for official confirmation if the design competition is approved.

The present plan for parliament’s upper chamber is to base it temporarily in Conference Centre of the Queen Elizabeth II situated near the Palace of Westminster, although a plan to relocate the chamber permanently is being reviewed.

The current plan is for the House of Lords to be temporarily based within the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, which is located close to the Palace of Westminster.

City council seeks permission for sustainable new builds

A council has made a bid to create a sustainable residential development on local farm land.

Based at Chase Farm in Mapperley, Nottinghamshire, the site has been set aside by the City Council of Nottingham for the residential proposal.

The planning committee of Gedling Borough Council will make its final ruling on the planning application before the end of January. Officers for the Council have pledged their support for the scheme with a recommendation that it should be given a green light.

If approved, the project will include construction of 19 individual apartments and 27 houses. A document from the council published ahead of a final decision states:

“The principle of the development accords with the objectives of national and local planning policies. It is considered that the site could be used for residential development without causing undue harm to visual and residential amenity, highway safety, ecological interests or flooding.”

Architects in Macclesfield, Nottingham, Nantwich and other parts of the UK working on building projects and extensions must always keep their schemes in line with planning policies specific to the region in which they are working.

The new development has been described as a housing scheme of high quality and sustainability. Public amenities and transport links are well positioned close by to the proposed new build community.

It has also been designed to integrate with the current settlement pattern present in the area and be respectful of the local environment. The redevelopment will combine landscaping and green spaces along with affordable but well-made homes.

Hundreds of homes to be built on Wirral biscuit company site

The former site of the Burtons Biscuit Company factory is to be used to provide the area with up to 300 new houses.

After consulting with the local community during November, the developers have (more…)

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