New eco-homes in Surrey offer emergency support

Waverley Borough Council has revealed two brand-new eco homes based in (more…)

Green homes planned for former club building site

Social housing specialist Stonewater aims to construct four new eco-homes on the former site of a working men’s club in Chard, Somerset. (more…)

Environmentally friendly homes planned for Manchester

A scheme involving homes with a green minded design has now been granted permission. Major Manchester developer, Beech Holdings, was recently awarded the green light from (more…)

Teesdale community group plans eco-centre

A community composting group in Teesdale, County Durham, is planning to build an eco-centre with the ambition of (more…)

Green light awarded to Gloucestershire development

Despite refusing an application for an eco-home project from Grand Designs, Forest of Dean planners have granted approval to a modest one-storey home with three bedrooms.

Sold by Severn Trent water (more…)

Manchester building project aims for superior sustainability

In an investment worth £350m, project leaders for a new arena planned for east Manchester aim to create the most sustainable venue in the UK.

The event space from (more…)

Oxford college chooses sustainable design for visitor centre

A new visitor centre has been completed at Christ Church College in Oxford with sustainable features, including a thatch roof and natural building materials.

The extensive project at (more…)

Builder and architect join forces to remove plastic from UK construction

Merseyside builder Neal Maxwell is working with architect Dr. Gareth Abrahams to convince the construction industry to reduce the quantities of plastic waste it currently produces to zero by the (more…)

Plans unveiled to transform football club land into sustainable housing

Developers seeking to build ecofriendly housing in an area that belonged to a former football club have revealed their latest plans.


Proposals revealed for sustainable Suffolk community hall

Architects have unveiled new plans for a community hall to be built in Framlingham in the Suffolk countryside. The single-storey building, designed to be sustainable, will be constructed with a timber frame and cover 292 square metres.


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