Greg Clark says the UK needs better homes

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Greg Clark, has pointed out that building more houses is not enough. He is calling for them to be (more…)

Energy assessor calls for better sustainability training for architects

Darren Evans, the Managing Director of Darren Evans Energy Assessors, is calling for architects to (more…)

Buildings that heal themselves could be the future

Attendees at Toronto’s Ontario College of Art and Design University’s Urban Ecologies conference were presented with the idea that buildings of the future will be able to (more…)

Californian students create tiles that can reduce smog

Engineering students in California have invented a coating for roof tiles that can eliminate nitrogen oxides associated with the formation of smog.

The students estimate that, when used to tile the roof of (more…)

New report says UK energy policy should focus on sustainable buildings

£12.1 billion could be saved every year between now and 2050 if the UK’s energy policy would prioritise the construction of greener buildings, according to a report published earlier this (more…)

Ottawa eco-village plans approved

In Canada, a company has recently submitted plans to the City of Ottawa concerning an eco-village it hopes to construct on waterfront and island areas in the Ottawa R