House Extensions in Cheshire

At D2 Architects, we have been designing high-quality house extensions in Cheshire and its surrounds for many years. The second-to-none service has been carefully honed to ensure our clients enjoy more room around their house quickly and at an affordable price. It’s been our continuing privilege over the years to help both landlords and homeowners to build hundreds of impressive house extensions in Cheshire, and we would love to assist you with your project.

What are the benefits of extending?

Extending a property offers several potential benefits. It can be an ideal option when you need either a little or a lot more room around the house for your family. Households in need of more bedrooms or leisure areas often find a two-floor extension can be a perfect match, while those in need of a home office or a larger kitchen typically find a side or single-storey extension does the job. Homeowners extending often see an excellent return on their investment – a key consideration with Cheshire being home to some of highest property prices outside of the South East. Wherever you live in the county though, creating extra room can add considerable value to a property, making house extensions in Cheshire profitable projects to undertake. For many families, the idea of uprooting to a new home and area just because they need more space is not welcome. Luckily, the expense and disruption of moving can often be avoided by simply extending instead.

Experts in home extensions

Our specialist team has the knowledge and skill to take on projects of all sizes, with experience acquired designing hundreds of house extensions in Cheshire. With a strong understanding of the area’s local planning process, we can draw up designs that will get a green light. We offer a bespoke service that allows us to tailor our design to suit the needs of individual homeowners. This means that whether you’re hoping to create an extension that suits a building boasting older architecture (such as the omnipresent black and white mock Tudor facades of Chester) or are looking to add more current techniques and technology, we can draw up high-quality professional designs to meet your requirements. If you are ready to discuss your plans to extend, our team at D2 Architects would love to hear from you. Once we understand your ambitions and how your extension will be used, we can create an outline design. We’ll then welcome feedback from you to refine the design and only when it’s 100% suited to your needs do we get underway. Contact our dedicated team today to make your dream extension a reality.

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