Loft conversions in Cheshire

A county that borders Wales, straddles the large cities of Liverpool and Manchester, and extends almost to the Peak District, there can be no denying that Cheshire is a fine place to live.

With some of the most desirable housing and peaceful areas in the country, the so-called Golden Triangle is an affluent and beautiful area, with many footballers and successful businesspeople calling the likes of Prestbury, Mottram St. Andrew and Wilmslow their home. You don’t have to be famous to add value to your house though and, with options like loft conversions, Cheshire homeowners can instantly make more of the space available to them. At D2 Architects, we can help you achieve this.

The value of loft conversions

Although Cheshire is known for its high-value areas, it doesn’t mean that people on a more modest budget can’t find a perfect home here too. While Chester is a historic and beautiful city, it has some very affordable housing. It’s worth remembering as well that a house is what its owner makes of it, which is why homeowners should always be looking for new ways to maximise their space and make their home stand out. One of the most obvious ways to achieve this is with professional loft conversions.

Cheshire homeowners know as well as anybody that wasted space in the home is effectively failing to get the most out of their mortgage and council tax demands. With lofts often being used for trivial matters, like storing the Christmas decorations or hoarding those items that are never used but never get thrown away either, homeowners should always consider whether they are making the best possible use of their loft.

New possibilities through loft conversions

Cheshire is a county known for hard work and business acumen, so a popular choice is to add an office or study to a house by renovating the loft. With the top storey of a building getting plenty of natural light and minimal noise from the floors below, it’s an ideal place in which to focus on work.

For the same reasons, homeowners will often convert their loft into an additional bedroom. Once proper floorboards are laid and bedroom fittings are added, a loft can be the perfect place for a good night’s sleep. Even houses with limited loft space can consider a guest bedroom, which may only be used now and then but will come in very useful.

Whatever a conversion is used for, it can only add value to the home. Indeed, property expert Phil Spencer, who writes for The Daily Telegraph, has estimated that loft conversions add 12.5% on the overall value on average. A fully converted loft is also one of the ‘must have’ features of a house cited most often by people looking to buy a home.

Converting ideas to reality

For professional loft conversions in Cheshire, look no further than D2 Architects. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can bring our expertise in design and architecture to your home.