Chester Quiz-Worthy Facts

Whether you are creating a quiz yourself or taking part in a quiz with team-mates, you might come across questions related to Chester. On the border of Wales, this Cheshire city dates back to Roman times and offers a wealth of intriguing facts that make excellent fodder for quizzes.

Along with its engaging history, Chester offers unusual tales, award-winning attractions and record-holding venues. Read on for a hand-picked selection of quiz-worthy trivia all about this popular English city.

What’s in a name?

Famed for its beautifully preserved walls, Chester stands on the site of an ancient Roman fort named ‘Deva Victrix’, but it didn’t receive its status as a city until 1541, during the Elizabethan era. Between the 14th and 18th century, the city was also known by another name – due to its position in England’s North West, it can sometimes be found referred to in records as ‘Westchester’.

If you have ever walked around Chester, you may have wondered why so many of its locations include the word ‘Grosvenor’, such as Grosvenor Park, Road, Hotel, Museum and Bridge. The reasoning behind this is that they are named for the Duke of Westminster, who owns sizable areas of land in Chester, Grosvenor being his family name.

Royal decrees

After many uprisings, the year 1403 saw Henry, Prince of Wales – who was Earl of Chester at the time and would later become King Henry V – pass a law to expel Welsh people from the city. Unless they wanted to be decapitated, the royal order stated that no Welshman should step inside the city walls before the sun came up or remain within Chester past sunset.

While historical texts show no indication anyone ever paid the ultimate price for breaking these rules, there is also no evidence that Henry’s order was ever rescinded.

Animal attraction

Have you ever wondered what the UK’s most visited wildlife attraction is? If you thought it was London Zoo or Longleat Safari Park, you were wrong. It is, in fact, the multi award-winning Chester Zoo, which in 2019 reported a record-breaking attendance of two million visitors.

A question of sports

Chester Football Club’s Deva Stadium has interesting facts to share as well. The first football ground constructed in line with the Taylor Report for new safety standards in stadiums, it is also the only ground in the UK situated in two countries at once – the pitch is in Wales and the main stand is in England.

Additionally, Chester is home to Britain’s oldest racecourse. Also called the ‘Roodee’, Chester Racecourse has held races since 1539, which also makes it the oldest sporting venue in Britain. On top of this, in 2019, Guinness Records officially granted Chester Racecourse the title of ‘World’s Oldest Racecourse in Operation’.

If you consider yourself an expert of Chester and want to test your local knowledge, why not try out our architectural quiz and find out just how much you know about the many historic buildings standing tall within its city walls.

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August 5, 2020

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