Loft conversions in Chester

Famed for its zoo, racecourse and Roman heritage, many people who visit the quaint city of Chester feel more than a twinge of envy towards those who live there. Blending rural scenes with a bubbling city centre, it’s little surprise that so many people look to the only city in Cheshire as a place to settle, before making their houses as impressive and valuable as they can.

At D2 Architects, one of our specialities is loft conversions, and Chester homeowners can make more of what they have to work with by taking advantage of our services.

Why consider loft conversions?

Chester is a fascinating city in itself, but it is also situated in a perfect location for those who like to get out and about. With excellent road and public transport links to Liverpool and Manchester, as well as the North Wales coastline within commuting distance, there are plenty of reasons to find a home here, and all of this means that people are prepared to pay that little bit more for a house in the area.

With modern buyers looking for all the mod cons from their homes, features like converted lofts are seen by an increasing number as being a ‘must have’ rather than a luxury. Homeowners looking to sell their home are therefore sure to get generous offers if their lofts offer more than cobwebs and creaking floorboards.

Loft conversions are very much an investment; the money spent on them is more than made back when the house is sold, and indeed analysts have argued that they can add anywhere from 12% to 20% to the building’s value.

Practical purposes of a loft conversion

With Chester being a fabulous city to visit, people living there often end up welcoming friends from other parts of the country to the area. This increases the need for a guest room, and a converted loft can facilitate this. With most lofts containing ample space for a bed, wardrobe and other essentials, it’s an option regularly taken up by those looking to increase the space in their home.

Another choice is to create a home office or study within a loft. Family houses can be places of hustle and bustle, so it is a pleasant sanctuary for some to have somewhere they can go to enjoy a spot of light reading, browse the Internet, complete paperwork or even set up a business from home.

All of this shows that loft conversions in Chester are about more than the simple factor of adding value to the home; they are also a crucial way to make the most of a building while living in it. After all, there is little point in having space available unless it’s being lived in, and lofts that are only ever occupied by spiders are a sad waste of resources.

Conversions with added clout

For loft conversions in Chester with a real professional touch, contact D2 Architects today. Working with you every step of the way, we can help you add a whole new dimension to your home, and perhaps boost its price tag too.