City council seeks permission for sustainable new builds

A council has made a bid to create a sustainable residential development on local farm land.

Based at Chase Farm in Mapperley, Nottinghamshire, the site has been set aside by the City Council of Nottingham for the residential proposal.

The planning committee of Gedling Borough Council will make its final ruling on the planning application before the end of January. Officers for the Council have pledged their support for the scheme with a recommendation that it should be given a green light.

If approved, the project will include construction of 19 individual apartments and 27 houses. A document from the council published ahead of a final decision states:

“The principle of the development accords with the objectives of national and local planning policies. It is considered that the site could be used for residential development without causing undue harm to visual and residential amenity, highway safety, ecological interests or flooding.”

Architects in Macclesfield, Nottingham, Nantwich and other parts of the UK working on building projects and extensions must always keep their schemes in line with planning policies specific to the region in which they are working.

The new development has been described as a housing scheme of high quality and sustainability. Public amenities and transport links are well positioned close by to the proposed new build community.

It has also been designed to integrate with the current settlement pattern present in the area and be respectful of the local environment. The redevelopment will combine landscaping and green spaces along with affordable but well-made homes.

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January 20, 2020
New Buildings

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