Climate Change Committee warns that new homes will need retrofitting

The independent climate advice body has warned that many of the new homes that are being built in the UK are not going to be suitable because they will not cope with future climate change.

Lord Deben, who is the chairman of the Committee on Climate Change, spoke to the Guardian about the issue. He said:

“We are in danger of building houses that have to be retrofitted, which would be very expensive. We could build them now to low-carbon standards instead.”

He made the comment after George Osborne, the Chancellor, revealed that 400,000 new homes would be built in the UK. Lord Debden is not the only person who is warning that these homes need to be built to a high standard.

The Royal Institute of British Architects, The Architects Journal, Greg Clark MP and many others as well as architects in Chester and across the UK are all calling for better homes to be built. However, not all of those organisations are calling for the new homes to have good green credentials, which is what Lord Debden is asking for.

In July of this year, the government scrapped legislation that was introduced in 2006 to ensure that homes were built with good green credentials. If that legislation had remained in place, all new homes built from 2016 onwards would have been required to be carbon neutral.

The government also scrapped a scheme that they launched in 2013 to encourage homeowners to insulate their homes better. However, only 15,000 people have applied for the special loans that are designed to help them to pay for additional insulation.

Posted by Matt Hughes
December 21, 2015

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