Royal Academy celebrates the work of Richard Rogers

Work by the renowned architect Richard Rogers, who recently turned 80, is currently on display at London’s Royal Academy in an exhibition titled ‘Inside Out’.

This title refers to Rogers’ practice of putting elements that are normally internal, such as pipes and (more…)

Nouvel’s stroke of luck gives China its art museum

A prestigious competition to design a national art museum for China has been won by the French architect Jean Nouvel.

The winning design has the shape of a huge three-dimensional brush stroke, linear in form and rounded at one end, yet pointed (more…)

Expert’s low carbon home uses wood fibre insulation

In Aberdeen, an architectural technologist called Ian MacDonald, who has around 15 years’ experience of constructing homes with great thermal efficiency, spent last month trialling different types of insulation for his (more…)

The outlook may be cloudy for campers

A delightful cloud house, known as ‘Le Nuage’ and designed by French designers Zébra3/Buy-Sellf, was originally commissioned as an art installation, but a number of the cartoonish, white-painted cabins are now under construction in Bordeaux along the (more…)