Passivhaus scheme goes ahead in Sussex

In Sussex, work has recently begun on a Passivhaus housing development aimed at creating new homes.

The scheme, designed by the architects PCKO, will cover an area of 2,000 square metres and cost (more…)

Cost of building zero carbon homes halves

According to a new report by the Zero Carbon Hub, the cost of constructing a building that meets the UK’s Zero Carbon Standard has fallen substantially since 2011 and is likely to carry on falling between now and (more…)

Three options for expanding on existing home space

Homeowners who are considering expanding the space in their properties first need to consider the cost against the potential gain from their improvements and to bear in mind that projects may be restricted by planning laws. It is important to (more…)

Organic bricks build winning design in Young Architects Program

An innovative architectural plan by a New York practice known as The Living has won the 2014 MoMA PS1 contest known as the Young Architects Program.

The Living designed a group of towers constructed out of (more…)

Houses of the future inspired by trees

The architect Konrad Wójcik has designed an innovative tree-like house set above the ground on a slender trunk.

The purpose of the discreet base is to minimise the footprint of (more…)

Inventing work space: finding the balance between aesthetics and practicality

As all buildings consist of an arrangement of shapes in space, aesthetics is always a part of work space design, but aesthetics that prompt a positive response from those who use the building will always be preferable. Similarly, all buildings are (more…)