Freeing up urban space with a vertical railway station

One of the more unusual ideas in the 2014 eVolo Skyscraper Competition is a tall structure that acts as a vertical train hub.

The project, designed by the UK’s (more…)

Architect advises failing areas to stop focusing on retail

A report looking into the problem of Britain’s failing high streets has recently been released by a group called the Future Spaces Foundation.

The group, which was founded by the architect who designed London’s famous ‘Gherkin’ building (more…)

Flavours Orchard offers a taste of the future

In Kunming, China, a residential building project is set to change an area of industrial wasteland into an eco-development.

Following a design by Vincent Callebaut Architectures (more…)

French architects devise a floating farm that runs on icebergs

The 2013 International Architecture competition, held by the Jacques Rougerie Foundation, has an intriguing winner in its category entitled “Innovation and Architecture for the Sea”.

The project, known as “Arctic Harvester”, is a huge, circular, floating (more…)