Architects reap the benefits of ‘living over the shop’

A former butcher’s shop in Vancouver has been converted into a combined office space and home by a local architecture practice.

Scott&Scott Architects is a (more…)

Tree planting takes a new direction in Italy

In Milan, an innovative project featuring two unusual skyscrapers is almost complete.

The structures have been designed to (more…)

How Chester’s Roman roots are evident today

The original Chester was established by the Romans in 79AD, as a fort called Deva Victrix, and the four major roads that run through the city follow Roman routes that were created around two thousand years ago. The fort was a huge building, bigger than any (more…)

Canadian indoor vertical garden is world’s tallest

A several storeys tall indoor living wall was recently completed in Quebec City.

The vertical garden, which was created by (more…)

Five things you didn’t know about Chester Cathedral

One of the stand-out buildings in Chester is the city’s cathedral, but how much do you know about it? Here are five facts that might (more…)

Lindisfarne centre wins prestigious award

One of the winners of the RIBA north east regional architecture awards is a visitor centre that was recently built on Holy Island.

Icosis architects designed the new building, known as (more…)

Schoolboy creates winning Tour de France bicycle rack

A competition run by architects, in which Yorkshire schoolchildren were asked to design a bike rack commemorating the start of a famous cycling race in the county, has been won by a boy from a Harrogate junior school.

The winning design was thought to have best answered the demands of the brief, which asked the children to create something that (more…)