RIBA awards honour large and small projects

A number of architectural projects have been named as winners of the RIBA awards 2014.

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) chose to (more…)

Sao Paulo’s rooftop oasis brings nature into the city

A cultural centre in Brazil has been transformed by the addition of a living roof, creating a relaxing green space in an area filled with skyscrapers.

The centre, which occupies (more…)

Wales gains its first Passivhaus school

A Welsh primary school designed by the architectural firm Architype, in collaboration with architects from Carmarthenshire County Council, will be the country’s first educational centre constructed to Passivhaus standards.

Burry Port school in (more…)

So you want to be an architect?

Architecture is arguably one of the most interesting and rewarding professions, but the training is not to be taken lightly.

If you want to become an architect then you must be prepared to (more…)

Public conveniences become private dwelling space

A UK architect, Laura Clark, recently carried out an unusual renovation project.

She transformed a set of (more…)

Five technical terms every architect should know

There are many technical words and phrases associated with architecture. However, for anyone who is thinking of embarking of a building project and employing the services of an architect, or for those who are simply interested in (more…)