Permission given for science estate in North Wales

Outline planning permission has been granted for the new Menai Science Park in Anglesey.

The budget for the North Wales scheme is £25m, with it scheduled for (more…)

Plans for new Merseyside youth centre submitted

The designs for a new facility on the Wirral for young people have recently been submitted to the local borough council.

The proposal is to build a new youth zone in a central location on (more…)

Architectural ‘Oscars’ open for entries

The applications process been opened for the World Architecture Festival Awards, which is due to be held in November in Singapore.

The event is described as the biggest architectural awards show in the world, which is why (more…)

Why architects are important for everyone

We have all looked at a beautiful building and admired its design, while we may have even thought about the person who designed it and how creative they must be. However, broadly speaking, few people actually realise just how important architects are and how much they really matter to society.

This is probably because we don’t put much thought into the people behind our very surroundings, or because (more…)

What exactly does an architect do?

Architects are highly skilled professionals who use their talents to design, develop and plan buildings ahead of their construction. As such, they play an extremely important role in public life.

The vast majority of structures that are erected in our towns and cities, from practical (more…)

How architects can help with healthy living

When most people think about architects, they think about smart, intelligent people who are able to design buildings as diverse as a simple semi-detached home to towering skyscrapers.

However, what they do not often think about is the way that everything an architect does can (more…)

Designer believes in virtual future for architecture

In a recent interview, artist Olivier Demangel predicted that architects will increasingly use 3D goggles as part of the design process.

Speaking to Dezeen, Demangel believed that within five years architects will be able to (more…)

Do I need to employ an architect?

When deciding to undertake major renovations or expansions of your home or business, one of the first questions you should ponder is whether or not you will need to employ an architect to help you with the project.

This is a question that should be carefully considered, as it could have (more…)