Permission for new homes in England at highest level since 2008

The latest figures announced by Housing Pipeline show that planning permission for new homes in England is up 19% year on year.

In total, during the opening quarter of 2015, councils granted planning permission for (more…)

Architectural Apps

If you are interested in architecture, then you should (more…)

Buildings that move

Most people regard buildings as static objects with the only moving parts being (more…)

Record numbers of retirement homes being built across the UK

Statistics released by the National House-Building Council (NHBC) show that (more…)

Virtual reality comes to architecture

To increase the effectiveness of visually presenting new architectural projects, virtual reality is being used by architects.

In the past, architects have used both physical models and computer generated 3D models to give clients (more…)

Deeside haulier moves to new £2.4m transport hub

Edge Transport, a Wrexham-based haulier, has announced that its new facilities on Deeside Industrial Estate are now ready.

The new, custom-built facility covers 6.2 acres and cost (more…)

Curves and the brain in architecture

People view buildings that feature curves as being more beautiful than linear buildings, and this is due to how the brain works.

The striking feature of the Guggenheim Museums in New York and Spain are (more…)

Majority of UK’s architects working flat out

The latest Royal Institute of Architects (RIBA) future trends survey is once again showing that demand for the services of architects is (more…)