Deansgate’s Lincoln House to be re-developed

Worthington Properties has submitted its plans to re-develop the (more…)

The potential of 3D printing for architects

Experimenters are using 3D printing to build structures and create (more…)

Major office building in Chester nears completion

During the first week of September, the first building in Muse Developments, Chester was topped out.

One City Place contains 70,000 sq. ft. of premium office space that has been built to (more…)

Pop-up architecture used to experiment with new concepts

Architects are using pop-up structures to experiment with new materials and concepts.

Pop-up structures such as (more…)

How humanitarian architecture works

Humanitarian architecture is the process of designing buildings for those in severe need. It is finding architectural solutions to human crises.

Leading architects are used to providing inventive structures for high end clients. Humanitarian architecture is the opposite, constructing buildings for (more…)

Manser Medal to be rebranded

The prestigious RIBA Manser Medal award is being relaunched as the (more…)

How post occupancy evaluation helps architects

Post occupancy evaluation (or POE) is a practice that can help architects appraise their buildings.

After a building has been completed and occupied, it is useful to (more…)

Government minister impressed with Wirral Waters

James Wharton, a senior government official, has visited the Wirral Waters project and has expressed (more…)

Approval granted for 90 new homes in Chester

An application to build new dwellings on the site of the Countess of Chester Hospital has been approved.

The current owners, NHS Property Services, do not plan to (more…)