Cameron pushes councils to build more homes quickly

David Cameron has told councils that if they do not put together blueprints to deliver a million homes by (more…)

The Foresight Future of Cities

Imagining what the city of the future will look like has fascinated architects, designers and science fiction film makers. As such, the government has set up a project entitled (more…)

UK construction sector continues to grow

An increase in house building across the UK has resulted in a rise in (more…)

Are architecture competitions a good thing?

Architecture competitions held throughout the year attract a large number of entries. Some architects are in favour of them, some against.

Such competitions have a long history, with the first recorded architecture competition was held more than (more…)

Energy assessor calls for better sustainability training for architects

Darren Evans, the Managing Director of Darren Evans Energy Assessors, is calling for architects to (more…)

The role of the occupants in eco architecture

Eco architecture involves the design of buildings that save water and energy, so they feature systems to reduce waste. Modern eco buildings also take into account the welfare and health of their occupants. This approach regards a building as (more…)

Luxury rooftop suites planned for top Llandudno hotel

Plans have been submitted to build new luxury suites on the roof of the (more…)

How architects use building information modelling software

Architects are using building information computer software to improve how buildings are designed and managed. (more…)