Former law courts to be converted into affordable housing

A set of plans has been proposed by a North West housing association to turn an old court house in Wallasey into flats.

The housing association, Regenda wants to turn the law courts, which were built (more…)

Climate Change Committee warns that new homes will need retrofitting

The independent climate advice body has warned that many of the new homes that are being built in the UK are not going to be (more…)

Award winning designers rethink the house

The Design a Beautiful House Competition aims to encourage new ideas and concepts in house design. It encourages designers, artists and students to rethink the concept of the house, how it is designed and how it functions.

The six-person competition jury was looking for (more…)

Greg Clark says the UK needs better homes

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Greg Clark, has pointed out that building more houses is not enough. He is calling for them to be (more…)

Architects discuss influence versus copying

A recent symposium held at the Center of Architecture in New York addressed the issue of copyright law applied to architecture. Symposium members explored the difference between (more…)

Circular buildings that reflect the Holacracy business philosophy

Holacracy is a business management style which does away with traditional hierarchical management systems and replaces them with automonous teams known as “circles”. Holacracy can influence the design of corporate buildings.

A new exhibition at London’s (more…)

New Manchester hospital plans submitted

Nuffield Heath has submitted plans for a new ‘not for profit’ hospital on a site next to the Manchester Royal Infirmary.

Development of the new hospital will cost (more…)