Four steps to plan and design a house extension

Extending your property is a good way to get extra space, add value to your home and improve your lifestyle. For someone that has never been involved in the construction industry, building an extension is a big undertaking.

There are numerous steps involved, as well as lots to think about and do. However, as with so many things in life, with the right advice and support building an extension is far easier than you think.

All you have to do is to break the process down into smaller, more manageable steps, which is what we have done for you below. Following our advice will ensure that the extension you build will be 100% legal, well built, fit for purpose and affordable.


Why use an architect?

Our first tip is to hire an architect to help you with the design and planning process. A good architect has (more…)

Planning Permission for Your House Extension

Building an extension on your home is a great way to provide your family with the space you need, and add value to your home. Provided you do everything right you can get an amazing return on your investment.

Why build an extension

One of the main reasons for building an extension is to add value to your home. How much value depends on several factors. This includes where you live, the value of housing in your area and the type of extension you have built. For example, according to recently released data from Countrywide PLC adding a 30-metre extension to a house in Winchester that is worth £249,000 would generate an ROI of (more…)