Former youth centre to become eco homes

A plan devised by Plymouth City Council to build brand-new homes within the city has now been approved unanimously. At a site near Broadland Gardens, where a building that once acted as the Morely Youth Centre was based, 10 homes featuring (more…)

Norfolk campaigners call for zero-carbon homes

Major housing developments are planned for Norfolk, but countryside campaigners are calling for the (more…)

New affordable homes revealed for Scotland

Council heads for Perth and Kinross have now announced plans to construct around 1,400 brand-new (more…)

Property extension worth £11 million revealed

An episode of the popular television show “Extraordinary Extensions” recently revealed that a property magnate spent £11 million on a bespoke extension located beneath his home in (more…)

New eco-homes in Surrey offer emergency support

Waverley Borough Council has revealed two brand-new eco homes based in (more…)