Deansgate’s Lincoln House to be re-developed

Worthington Properties has submitted its plans to re-develop the Deansgate area in Manchester.

The new development will cost £70m and will require the demolition of the postmodern, glass-clad Lincoln House. This building was designed as a response to the Brutalist architecture that had taken over most UK cities since the 1960s. This bright, light glass-clad building was built as a home for the Lincoln House Chambers, hence the nickname.

Work is due to start on the redevelopment of Lincoln Square and Brazennose Street area in the summer of 2016. This new development will blend in with the striking neo-gothic John Ryland Library. Like the red brick Grade I listed library, the office block that will replace The Lincoln House will feature a red frame, which will be inset with long, narrow strips of glass.

The scheme will provide 113,500 sq. ft. of BREEAM excellent grade office space, as well as 12,100 sq. ft. of new retail space right in the centre of Manchester. Russell Worthington, who is the director of Worthington Properties, said of the new development:

“It will make a welcome addition to this area of the city and will complement what is happening in Lincoln Square and its immediate surrounds.”

The development is of particular interest to architects on the Wirral because of the huge Wirral Waters project, which will see the building of 5,000,000 sq. ft. of modern office space over the next few decades. The design elements and marketing of other large office projects in the north is therefore of interest to other architects located in the area.

Posted by Matt Hughes
September 28, 2015

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