Do you need an architect to apply for planning permission?

Whether you’re constructing a house, an outbuilding, a home extension or even a conservatory, for you scheme to be successful and compliant with legal requirements, you’ll need to get the appropriate planning permission for your project.

While you might have already drafted an architect to design plans for your building project, you might be wondering if you require them when you make your essential application for planning permission.

Although architects are not essential to obtaining the necessary permits to build or create an extension on your property, there are many ways that they can be advantageous when involved in this part of the process.

Local knowledge and experience

While not a legal requirement to submit your plans for approval, an architect with a thorough understanding of your local area can be an asset. With experience acquired from devising plans for buildings and extensions in a town or city, architects can help tailor your designs in line with what is usually accepted by planners. This can save you time and energy by avoiding rejected proposals and keeping your project on track.

Town planners have a responsibility to ensure all new buildings and extensions are in keeping with the aesthetic shared by the area. If your plans don’t align with this, permission to build may be refused.

Architects can be highly beneficial at application stage when they have strong ties with town planners. With previous experience of working with such officials, they’ll be able to inform you of what designs are likely to be approved.

Identifying issues with plans

With the expert eye of an architect examining the plans you wish to submit, you’ll stand a far greater chance of receiving the result you’re hoping for. Before even applying, you’ll have an idea about whether your designs will pass inspection. If there are any areas of your plans for concern, an architect will highlight them to you and suggest alternative methods that are more likely to meet with approval.

Specialist assistance on your side

Selecting to accept an architect’s assistance when you reach the point of applying for planning permission is always a wise move when you want to streamline your project, making it perfect when you’re working to a deadline.

With your plans already approved by an architect who knows the area and understands the qualities required from building projects to pass, your application stands a far better chance of success. Why not speak to us at d2 architects today for expert architectural advice?

Posted by Mark
March 5, 2020

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