Eco-districts could transform San Francisco

San Francisco is set to follow in the footsteps of cities such as Portland and Seattle, by creating what are known as eco-districts to produce a more sustainable city.

Eco-districts are initiatives that begin at the level of community groups, with the aim of changing an entire city one neighborhood at a time. The actions undertaken will vary depending open the problems within each area, but could include the introduction of smart grids, devising ways to reuse rainwater, tree planting schemes and rooftop gardens.

Residents, property developers, city officials and utilities companies will come together to plan and, in areas in which buildings are to be constructed or redeveloped, architects will be required to give their input. It has been found that changes that begin at community level take place more quickly, while still having a big effect on the city as a whole.

Any new buildings in eco-districts will be designed for energy efficiency and water conservation. The environment around the buildings will incorporate elements such as green streets and areas of urban agriculture. Older properties will be redeveloped to improve energy use, waste disposal, and water management, and renewable energy sources and recycling systems will be introduced where this is feasible.

In the Chester area, those planning new buildings, or redeveloping old properties, could take ideas from the eco-district initiative and include as many sustainable and environmentally-friendly features as possible. This could be achieved by contacting a reputable Chester architect who has experience in creating sustainable designs.

Posted by Matt Hughes
July 15, 2013

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