Expert’s low carbon home uses wood fibre insulation

In Aberdeen, an architectural technologist called Ian MacDonald, who has around 15 years’ experience of constructing homes with great thermal efficiency, spent last month trialling different types of insulation for his own timber frame house. Designed to be a low carbon building, it has five bedrooms and MacDonald is aiming for maximum thermal efficiency with a limited budget.

Two different forms of insulation have recently been tested successfully: a multi foil insulation known as Triso Super 10+ and an ecofriendly wood fibre material called Sylvactis. The building project is planned for completion by the end of this year.

MacDonald expects his house will have an energy efficiency rating of B, at minimum, but his use of triple glazing, together with further adjustments to the insulation, should improve that. He also has plans to install solar panels and a boiler fuelled by wood pellets. The Sylvactis insulation used in the building is produced from sawmill offcuts, using a dry process which consumes as little energy and water as possible, and it has the advantage that its constituent materials can be recycled later. The Triso multi foil material is also beneficial as it increases the insulation level of a building substantially.

Those in the Wirral area who are thinking about building low carbon homes, perhaps even homes with timber frames, might like to consider using similar materials and concepts in their own projects. This is probably best achieved by contacting a qualified architect on the Wirral who has experience in thermal efficiency and sustainable building methods.

Posted by Matt Hughes
August 12, 2013
New Buildings

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