Extension planned for Falmouth cottage

A planning application has now been submitted related to extending a cottage in Falmouth, Cornwall. The home is located to the rear of a Smithick Hill building known as The Old Bakery. This venerable property is more than 200 years of age and is among the few surviving original buildings within the area.

The Cottage on Vernon Hill’s owners have made an application for alterations to the property. Proposed works include a terrace out front, new doors, a first-floor extension and a new roof over the parking bay currently in place. with a terrace and a set of doors at the front. If successful, the planned extension would run adjacent to The Old Bakery.

A recent meeting held between Falmouth’s town council planners, however, recommend that the submitted application should be rejected. Members of the council committee suggested that regarding noise, the extension would not be neighbourly, and that the project would have a negative and detrimental impact on the local area.

According to falmouthpacket.co.uk, The Old Bakery’s owner, Brendan Fitzgerald, commented that he was both disappointed and shocked that the recent plans had been submitted. He commented that it would ruin the visual aesthetic of the building.

Homeowners planning house extensions in Chester, Falmouth and other parts of the UK can avoid disappointment by working with local architectural firms. Professional architects can draw up extension plans that are sympathetic to the environment where a property is based. When designs work with other buildings in the area, preserve a house’s original character and suit the natural landscape, they are more likely to be green lit by council planners.

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October 18, 2021

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