Five great places you can study architecture in the North West

If you want to study architecture in the North West of England next academic year, the deadline for applying for a course is coming up on January 15, 2018.

If you are unsure on which is the best course for you, there are five places in the North West that have a reputation for providing high quality architectural training. The courses listed are for first-time architecture students, and also offer master’s and postgraduate courses.

The standard route to becoming an architect is to take a three-year Architecture BA (Hons) course followed by a one-year practical experience before taking a two-year Master of Architecture course. An additional year of practical experience follows before taking Part 3 of the architecture training, after which students can register as a trained architect with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

1. University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN)

UCLAN in Preston has three undergraduate architecture courses:

Architecture Part 1 BSC (Hons)

This course provides a comprehensive grounding in the design, history, and theory of architecture and building technology. The course emphasises sustainability, conservation and environmental issues.

Students will visit many outstanding buildings in the UK and have the chance to travel abroad to see buildings in other countries.

Architectural Studies BSC (Hons)

This course is not held in Preston but Hong Kong, so should not strictly speaking be included in a list of courses where you can study architecture in the North West of England. If you want to attend a cutting-edge degree course and are prepared to live and study in another country, this course could be for you.

Architectural Technology BSC (Hons)

This course focuses more on the technical side of building rather than the design. Students look at the technical issues in building both leisure and residential projects.

2. University of Salford

The University of Salford has four architecture courses:

Architecture BSC (Hons)

Students study the theory, techniques and technologies that influence building design. Practical work in the University’s open plan studio is at least half of the course. Students are encouraged to develop their own ideas. Students from all three years of this course often work together on projects.

Interior Architecture BSC (Hons)

This course concentrates on interior design but also covers the technology of buildings and building design. Students gain practical experience by working on real-life commercial and community-based projects, as well as more academic studies.

Architectural Engineering BSC (Hons)

Students on this course develop good structural awareness. The course also covers sustainable building so that graduates will be able to contribute to future low carbon buildings.

Architectural Design and Technology BSC (Hons)

Students on this course study the science and art of architecture. The course combines academic study with practical work on various design projects. Digital tools and technology form an important part of studies too.

3. Liverpool John Moores University

John Moores University in Liverpool has four undergraduate architecture courses available:

Architecture BA (Hons)

This degree course is in the purpose-built John Lennon Art and Design building, which has won a RIBA award for its excellent design. Students study urban development in Britain and take part in live arts events in Liverpool. They are encouraged to study overseas as well as in Britain.

Civil Engineering and Architecture MEng (Hons)

Students will gain technical and creative skills that will enable them to work from architectural concepts and drawings in order to translate them to functioning buildings. This course has excellent links to industry and students will be able to undertake a one-year paid work placement.

Architectural Technology BSc (Hons)

Students on the architectural technology course learn about creating and understanding design and how ideas are tuned into reality. Students have opportunities to study abroad and have paid work placement in the industry.

Architecture engineering BEng (HONS)

This course has been developed in partnership with practising architects and emphasises practical building engineering. Students learn how complex engineering issues can be incorporated in good looking buildings.

4. Manchester School of Architecture

The Manchester School of Architecture is part of the University of Manchester and has a three-year Architecture BA (Hons) course that provides an insight into how architects work. The course consists of practical projects in the design studio and study into the history, theory, technology and practices of architecture.

5. University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool offers two architecture courses:

Architecture BA (Hons)

This course provides a comprehensive foundation in architecture and the many disciplines involved in architecture and construction. The course also looks at the history and theory of construction and how architecture affects the environment.

Architectural engineering BEng (Hons)

Students learn about the principles and technology of architecture and the materials and systems that are used to construct buildings. Students develop the maths skills used in architectural engineering. There are also modules on the history of architecture and building construction.

Which course should you choose?

UCLAN, the University of Salford, John Moores University, Manchester School of Architecture and the University of Liverpool all provide high-quality architecture training and appear in the top 10 lists of places to study architecture in England and Wales.

If you want to study architecture in the North West and are prepared to work hard on an architecture course, any of the five places will train you to be an excellent architect. Training to be an architect can take around seven years, so requires a large commitment, high motivation and hard work.

Being accepted by RIBA on its register of architects after many years of training is a big achievement and opens the way to a rewarding and highly paid career. The buildings that architects create make a real difference to people’s lives.

All the courses provided by the five North West institutions have an emphasis on care for the environment and look at how architects can use technology in their buildings to reduce carbon emissions. Sustainable building materials such as wood are being used to lessen the environmental impact of buildings.

Your journey to becoming an architect starts with enrolling on a quality architecture degree course. Good luck!

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January 5, 2018

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