Flavours Orchard offers a taste of the future

In Kunming, China, a residential building project is set to change an area of industrial wasteland into an eco-development.

Following a design by Vincent Callebaut Architectures, 45 homes will be constructed and all of the houses will, on average, consume around half the amount of power that they generate.

The area where the innovative scheme, known as Flavours Orchard, will be developed is over 1,800 metres above sea level and is known as The City of Eternal Spring. Some of the environmentally friendly aspects of the project include recycling of grey water, processing of organic waste to produce fertiliser, and solar panels on roofs that provide power to charge electric cars and bicycles.

There will be communal gardens for growing vegetables and residents will be encouraged to produce food organically.

Three kinds of villa will be created on the site, which appear like structures from a science fiction film. The Shell Villa resembles a conical hat that has wind turbines on top, while the Mobius Villa is shaped like a figure of eight with a grass roof, built around two circular patios. The Mountain Villa looks like a vast fan and has a south-facing façade made of glass, while wood is used on its north side.

In the UK, the Wirral area has seen an increase in environmentally friendly initiatives in recent times. This includes a Green Streets plan that involves planting over 600 trees. Local building projects could be made more sustainable, perhaps approaching the energy efficiency of those in Kunming, with the help and expertise of an experienced architect on the Wirral.

Posted by Adam Lloyd
March 13, 2014

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