Floating snowflake hotel will provide Northern Light views

A Dutch firm of architects recently revealed its plans for an unusual floating hotel, which will be located off Norway’s coast.

The hotel, which will only be accessible by boat, will take the form of a snowflake and its glass roof will enable visitors to witness spectacular views of the Northern Lights.

The hotel’s developers, known as Dutch Docklands International, only construct floating buildings and they are working together with Norwegian entrepreneurs to make the 86-room structure into a reality. Known as Krystall Hotel, the building is being designed by Waterstudio, a Dutch architecture firm that specialises in creating structures that float.

The new hotel will be assembled in its watery location after its separate components have been constructed in dry docks. Architect Koen Olthuis explained that the venue would remain in one place and that its shape, together with a system of cables, springs and dampers, would prevent guests from experiencing any sensation of movement. The main purpose of the hotel, being far from areas of light pollution, is to offer the best possible views of the Northern Lights.

In the UK, floating structures are often used by the hospitality industry, but these are usually boats that have been re-purposed as restaurants. One such example in Cheshire is a restaurant cruiser, the L’eau-t Cuisine, which transports diners along the canal beside the Mill Hotel in Chester. Architects with experience and expertise should always be consulted by those who are planning unusual construction projects, such as floating structures or glass-roofed buildings, in order to ensure that a practical design is achieved.

Posted by Matt Hughes
August 21, 2014
New Buildings

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