Former law courts to be converted into affordable housing

A set of plans has been proposed by a North West housing association to turn an old court house in Wallasey into flats.

The housing association, Regenda wants to turn the law courts, which were built in 1900, into affordable housing. A spokesperson for the association told the Liverpool Echo:

“It is Regenda’s intention to offer all 21 apartments at The Old Court House as affordable rents, whereby the rents will be set at 80% of the open market rents within the area.”

The law court and cells would be converted, and the building restored to its former glory. Space for additional cars would be provided by demolishing an outhouse and extending the current parking area. External landscaping will be used to help the new housing blend in with other properties in the area.

Wirral is in need of more housing, particularly affordable one and two bedroom properties. Over the past few years, Wirral architects have been involved in numerous projects which have seen older buildings in the area turned into housing.

The former Grand Trunk pub in Birkenhead was converted into housing for the homeless in 2013, and around the same time, The Eagle Arms on Rankin Street was turned into two cottages.

In 2010, Wirral council, who are the owners of the courthouse were talking about selling it for office space, but that plan was never put into action. The consultation process for the plans is due to start in January 2016. At that point, local people will have a chance to have their say.

Posted by Adam Lloyd
December 28, 2015
New Buildings

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