Former Top Gear host plans to extend castle

Richard Hammond, a past presenter of the popular show for petrol heads, now seeks to extend the kitchen based at his Herefordshire property, known as Bollitree Castle, with an all-new design.

While Hammond was previously granted permission in 2019 to refurbish his historic home based in Weston-under-Penyard, his newly altered plans are yet to be approved by the local council.

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While planners agreed to Hammond’s remodelling plans for Bollitree Castle’s barn, his new proposal, which involves the demolition of the Grade II listed building’s conservatory to extend the building with a larger kitchen featuring glazing, has raised concerns.

Opposition has seen both the Georgian Society and Historic England urge Hammond to reconsider the scheme and return to his original plans for the Georgian Manor house that features a mock-gothic style.

A recent report describes the property as being a mix of classic Georgian with remodelling from the late 18th century. It has Grade II features, like its barns and dovecote, but also a Grade I elements, like the sham castle with its turrets, crenelated parapets and mullioned windows. Due to its aesthetic value to the local area, any alterations must be carefully considered before planning can be approved.

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June 21, 2021

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