Former youth centre to become eco homes

A plan devised by Plymouth City Council to build brand-new homes within the city has now been approved unanimously. At a site near Broadland Gardens, where a building that once acted as the Morely Youth Centre was based, 10 homes featuring eco-friendly designs will be built.

The centre in Plymouth’s Plymstock closed back in 2018. Now, the demolition of its disused buildings has been authorised. Instead of the derelict community centre, a mix of spacious family homes will be constructed offering two-, three- and four-bedroom residences to homebuyers in the area.

The houses will use contemporary technology to make them more energy efficient and to promote a low-carbon lifestyle for future homeowners. Architects in Ruthin, Plymouth and other parts of the UK are committed to creating sustainable designs. Many leading firms believe creating buildings that consider the environment is a key to the future of architecture. From sourcing materials locally to using energy-saving features, the trend of designing environmentally friendly homes and commercial buildings is one that is set to continue.

The project plans for the Broadlands Gardens site were originally submitted back in December last year. A public consultation was then launched, seeking a response from neighbouring residents to the proposed location.

In 2009, the local council transferred the housing stock it held to Plymouth Community homes. Ever since this initiative, it has played a key role in the housing market, enabling and helping housing to be constructed by developers and partners via the Plan for Homes.

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November 29, 2021

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