Futuristic Apple HQ almost ready for take-off

IT giant Apple has recently released the latest plans for its new California headquarters, which will resemble an enormous, sleek UFO constructed around a central garden. Steve Jobs is said to have added many of his own ideas to the building’s design before his death and the architect, Norman Foster, was challenged to produce a shiny, seamless structure, echoing the looks of Apple’s products. This means that, in practice, any gaps where surfaces join will have to be constructed so that they are a lot narrower than the usual 3mm required in US building standards.

The headquarters, which is to be known as Apple Campus 2, will have a huge underground auditorium, parking facilities for thousands of cars and a bus station. The four-storey building is to be circular in shape, with a hollow centre in which grass and trees will form a relaxing area of greenery. Apple wanted a relatively low-rise, circular structure as its researchers found evidence that buildings with corners, or numerous floor levels, could inhibit collaboration. In all, around 80 percent of the site will consist of green space, helping to create feelings of calm and well-being amongst employees.

Environmental considerations have not been neglected and it is planned that the building will generate all of the energy it needs. Solar panels will cover the roof and the building will have natural ventilation. Such sustainable ideas could be echoed in buildings designed by a UK architect. North Wales has reputable architects who could be hired to create sleek designs and eco-friendly plans for your new building.

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January 16, 2014
New Buildings

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