Futuristic green space features in Sydney building project

Excitement is building in Sydney as work on a particularly unusual new building nears completion.

One Central Park, which has been designed by Jean Nouvel, is unique in that it will have the tallest garden in the world. This vertical green space, created by the botanist Patrick Blanc, will grow all of the way up the façade, reaching a height of 166 metres.

The living wall will consist of vines and plants, including 190 species native to Australia. Around half of the building’s exterior will be covered in greenery and the plants will extend to reach those growing in a park nearby.

One Central Park has two towers, the tallest of which will have a large cantilever containing apartments, with motorised mirrors on its underside. The mirrors are needed to reflect light onto the gardens below.

The incorporation of plants into architectural designs is becoming more popular around the world. The Pasona recruitment firm in Tokyo, for example, has living walls on the exterior of its headquarters and an urban farm inside. The project, which began in 2010, is now achieving its long-term sustainability goals.

Food produced at the Pasona farm is harvested and used to make the meals that are served in cafes inside the building, and employees are encouraged to learn about farming.

Greenery can be introduced into architecture in many ways, including roof gardens and living walls. A North Wales Architect with experience in sustainable design should be able to come up with ideas for those who would like to include plants in their own building projects.

Posted by Adam Lloyd
October 8, 2013
New Buildings

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