Google continues the search for its ideal HQ design

The firm which has been working on the plans for Google’s new headquarters in Kings Cross, London, has been told it must rethink its design – signalling a new start for the project.

Although the floor plan will remain as it was in the original drawings, representatives of the internet giant have called for everything else to be scrapped in favour of a redesign that will delay the building project by about a year, with the estimated completion date now in 2017.

The initial design was estimated to cost around £650 million when built and took two years to draw up. It incorporated a pool, a running track on the roof of the headquarters, and ramps intended to smoothly transport cyclists to the building.

Referred to as a ‘groundscraper’, the development was extremely long, and would’ve matched the Shard if turned vertically. Now, Google’s head of construction has said:

“We want to challenge ourselves to do something even better for Google.”

There are rumours of a more ambitious scheme, with speculation that it might even resemble the company’s huge moored barge in San Francisco.

It can sometimes happen that an existing building needs to be redesigned, perhaps due to a change of use and for those in the Chester area, this doesn’t have to be a problem. Hiring a professional architect in Chester to draw up suitable plans is always a possibility and in today’s eco-conscious world, the best architects will also incorporate sustainable elements into their designs when appropriate.

Posted by Adam Lloyd
November 20, 2013
New Buildings

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